Friday, January 9, 2009

Inflation Hits Karaganda !

Yesterday we received a letter from our agency. When I got it out of the mailbox, I was so excited! I was thinking and hoping this was some real news.... perhaps our "Letter Of Invitation". I thought this was awfully fast ! I rushed into the house to open it.... this is what I found....

It seems that inflation has made it to Karaganda. The letter stated that there has been an inflation increase of 15% in the Karaganda region. It also gave the extra dollar amount that we will need to carry with us while in country to cover expenses. 

Oh well, at least it is news. Maybe the next thing we hear will be something like our dossier has made some sort of progress.


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  1. we also received a notice from our agency that they are not charging an additional fee for processing post placement reports... OUCH!!! does the increases ever stop... I can hardly stand having to hand another several hundred bucks over to the sect. of state here in OK tomorrow.. only for a few pieces of paper... urg!!!
    It'll be worth it when we hold those babies.. I know!!!
    We are praying for you guys!!!
    Have a great night!!!