Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MFA, MOE, Oh Where Can We Be?

We got an update from our agency today. We have been wondering what was going on since our dossier went to Kazakhstan at the first of January. Our agency let us know today that our file is at the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). This is the first of three stages that our file will travel through. After it comes out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it will go to the MOE (Ministry of Education). The final stage is that it goes back to the MFA for final approval. I know what everyone is thinking (because I am thinking it to) what happens to the file at these places? I can not honestly say that I know. All that I know is that are file is moving and we are getting closer to becoming a family of four (five if you count Greta, the cat).

We will be getting updates every two weeks from here out. We will keep you posted.



  1. chandrawyatt@juno.comJanuary 27, 2009 at 9:11 PM

    congratulations....we will continue to pray for FAVOR and accleleration for the process. I know that you are all so excited. We rejoice with you over this milestone.
    The Wyatt's

  2. so thrilled!!!!
    That is so awesome... We are rejoicing with you guys...

  3. That is great news! It is always nice to hear a bit of news!! :)