Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meeting our Son for the First Time

We were driven to a neighborhood about 5 minutes away. Their neighborhood consist of a series of apartment buildings about 10 stories high. They appear to be much need of repair. The orphanage itself is behind a brightly painted fence. The orphanage is very clean and well kept.

Our first day at the orphanage was more than a little overwhelming. Both families were ushered into a room with a couch at one end and a large wardrobe/bookcase at the other end with giant stuffed animals. One wall was completely windows with long sheers covering them. We were told to sit down and get a pen and paper ready as well as a camera because they were going to introduct us to the children who were available to be adopted. So, we got prepared. They brought in the children one by one and we took pictures of them along with writing down their names (or at least what we could make out of a name). They also told us if they were a boy or a girl which was a good thing because there were a couple that I thought were boys which were actually girls.

Yuri was baby number 3. Here is what we saw when we saw him for the first time.

He is being held by one of the doctors. He was so alert as he looked around the room. His blue eyes and way that he was so observant is one of the things that drew us to him. He was the smallest child but in a mother's eyes... the cutest.

We did interact with the other children that were presented. They ranged from 7 months old to 18 months old. There was one other little boy and we tried to interact with him but he started crying and threw down his toy when Brian held him. We just did not have the connection to him that we had to Yuri.

They are correct.....God just makes things work out like it is supposed to. We even discovered that he even looks like Brian a little.

So our adventure with Yuri began.

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  1. Great story. I can't even imagine meeting more than one child. I am so glad that you felt such a strong connection to Yuri. I think a mother just knows HER child when she sees him, and yes he is of course the cutest in the bunch. Congrats!