Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hi Everyone,

We just found out this morning that somehow the blog was set up to not allow any comments. Thanks Lanetta for the e-mail letting us know. I went in and fixed that this morning. 

Stay tuned for  more info ! Cynthia is working hard to get everything up to date :-)



  1. You are welcome!! I have typed out these way cool.. sweet, wonderful comments.. and then can't post them.. LOL!!
    just know that we're all here.. we're not bored.. and Logan is a doll!!!!!
    So, glad I was brave enough to ask about the comments.. I thought you might have it that way on purpose... :-)
    Have a great day... we are heading to bed.. :-)

  2. oh.. and Susan Moore commneted on my blog and asked me if I'd ask you guys to invite her to your blog.
    Here's her info:

    I gave you this info. the other day.. but, not sure if it went through... sorry if this is the second time!!! :-)
    Have a great day!!

    Praying for you!!!

  3. Yeh Lanetta!!
    Cynthia and Family,

    We are very much enjoying you updates.
    The last comment I tried to leave was," left us hanging." LOL
    So happy for you!
    The Hollands

  4. Congratulations!! I just read the update and saw Logan's photos--he's adorable. I'm thrilled for your family. I send you best wishes from sunny Austin, Texas. Susan

  5. Everything sounds wonderful.....I am so happy for you guys.....

    Did the Duncan family choose a child yet? I'm just curious...I don't know alot of Duncans...and my maiden name was Duncan...

    Thanks for adding me to the blog!!!

  6. Yeah!!! I thought you didn't want comments..LOL!!! ;) Logan is just so beautiful! I'm just so happy for you guys!

  7. Yeah! I can finally send a comment. I was starting to think that something was wrong with my computer. Logan is so adorable & Madalyn really seems to be enjoying taking care of her new brother. Glad to hear that everything is working out find. I sure did enjoy reading all of our comments that you've recently posted. It's so wonderful that you are doing such a great thing like this. Talk to you soon!

  8. I miss you all so much. He is so precious. I love hime so much already. I can't wait to spoil him. Tell Madalyn to bring me some of her special purses to her aunt Angela. Love you all.