Thursday, May 28, 2009

Logan meets Grandparents

Logan got to meet and spend time with his grandparents. He is such a blessed boy to have so many people who love him so much.

Papaw Charlie is not quite sure how to handle the little guy.

Mamaw is ready to get some more sugar from her boy.

Logan gets to meet his Great Grandma Sales.

Logan and Papaw Paul having a little talk. Looks like they are both enjoying themselves.

Nona and her little one. She looks very proud of her new grandson.


  1. Yeh, an update. Hope all is going well with your family now that Logan is home. Just overjoyed for you. He is beautiful. Now you have two beautiful children. Hello Madalyn.

  2. I can't believe you have not had any more comments, but I check often for an update on how your precious family is doing. I know things are pretty busy with you all adjusting so I will be patient. I do pray all is well and that Logan is healthy and adapting well to his new life. I would really love to talk some time about the agency you used and the baby house. If/when you get time, I'd love to hear from you. ( Blessings! Janie

  3. Ok girl, you have got to post us an update. I do hope all is well and little Logan is progressing nicely. Thinking of you. Janie