Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pictures from our first days together

We have been doing good for the first few days together. Logan is such a good baby. He has done a great job of adjusting so far. He is sleeping very well. He also loves to eat; the problem is that I do not know how much to feed him. I think that he would keep eating if I kept feeding him. He goes to the doctor tomorrow to get checked out so maybe will know what to feed him and how much. (I have forgotten so much since Madalyn was little.)

He loves to sit in the "exersaucer" which was Madalyn's. He can sit it in for the longest time. I think that he likes it because he loves to be up on his feet whenever possible. Forget this sitting stuff. While on his feet, he also loves to jump. He gets so excited about it. He has fun on the floor as well. He is working on figuring out how to crawl. He has learned that by rolling over from side to side you can inch your way forward. As busy as he is, I am going to have my hands full when we does start crawling.

Well, that is all that I will post today. Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Wow; Logan has changed already. They grow so fast. We are so happy for your family. It is hard to believe you all submitted your dossier only last November (or DEC) and have him already. Just in time for summer vacation. Sending prayers from Cleveland, Tn for you tonight. Love, The Hollands

  2. Welcome home Logan!

    Congrats to all!


  3. Welcome home and congratulations!!!