Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Logan's trip home

I know, I know. I am horrible about updating the blog. I went to pick up Logan in New York on Saturday at JFK. It was so wonderful to finally have him in my arms and to know that he was truly ours. (Although, I have to admit that by the time that I got home late Saturday night, my arms were very very tired.)

I left Atlanta on a 7:50am flight to JFK. It was a good flight up to New York. But let me tell you that airport is nothing like Atlanta airport. At least in Atlanta, it was easy to figure out how to get the other terminals. Not in JFK.... I asked were I need to go to get to Luftansia arrivals gate. I was told that I needed to go to Terminal 1 which was not connected to Terminal 3. I asked someone at the Delta counter how to get to there and was told that I could just go outside and go to the next building. (Well, it was not that easy. Right next door was not the correct terminal.) I finally was directed to something called Airtrain. (I thought all of those signs were for AIRTRAN.) Anyway, I got there finally and the wait began. I keep pacing and looking at the clock. His plane was scheduled to be here at 12:15. I have attached a picture of the board which shows the moment it showed that his plane was on the ground. At that moment, he became a USA citizen.
In my excitement, I just knew that they would be there any minute so I waited at the arrivals gate with all of the people who were waiting for their loved ones to appear. Well, as I said it was in my excitement that I did not think that they had to go through Customs, get their luggage and do all of the paperwork. It took awhile and I waited at the gate anxiously looking at everyone who came through the door. Finally, they appeared. Logan came to me pretty quickly and smiled and laughed at me. I think that he must have remembered me (or at least that is what I like to think.) Here is a picture taken with my blackberry from when I just got him. The picture is not the greatest but it was a big moment.

I put Logan in the little Baby Bjorn carrier strapped to my chest and grabbed his bags and we headed back to the "Airtrain" to get to our terminal. It was a little cumbersome trying to carry him and the bags. It was a stressful few hours. I did not have enough hands to do everything that needed to be done but we made it. He went to sleep in the carrier and we boarded the plane. Unfortunately, the plane was delayed and we had to sit on the plane for about an hour before we even took off. I apologized ahead of time to the people beside me by letting them know that I just got him and he might be a little fussy. He sleep for almost all of the flight until about an hour left then he just played. He was sooo good. I was so proud of him. We finally landed back in Atlanta around 8:30pm. It was a long evening. Brian and Madalyn were waiting for us when we came up the tall escalators at the airport and our time as a family officially began.

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  1. What a happy post! My heart is filled with joy for you and Logan. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Prayers for many happy, blessed days and nights together.