Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello from Kaz !!

We have finally gotten to the internet cafe so we can post something. We are still working at the access from the room so we do not have pictures to post yet.

We are doing great and travel has been good.

So, I bet you are wondering.........what about the baby ???

IT IS A BOY !!! His name is Logan Yuri Wright. We are still verifying some medical information on him but he is a happy cute little boy. We will post pictures later and much more details.


  1. Wonderful news!!


    Dial up in the rooms is slow but works and is really not expensive - plus you can go on anytime and don't have to go out. Email if you need any advice on this.


  2. Congratulations are in order. Can't wait to see pictures. joe

  3. Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear more! Glad all is going well with all of you.

  4. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pictures. Glad all is going good.

  5. Hello Wright family! I am so glad to hear that you all made it safely. Praise God! I am so excited for you all....cant' wait to see the new Wright baby boy pic.I pray that all continues to go well. Michelle Howell

  6. Congratulations 100 times! We are so happy for you and are truly thankful you all are well and happy! We will be keeping you in our thoughts as you complete this part of your journey. Can't wait to hear more. The Hollands

  7. oh... I can not wait to see the pics... upload those babies!!!!
    oh, I knew it would be a boy!!!
    YIPPE for the big sister!!!!!
    We are praying and so thrilled for you guys!!!!

  8. Congratulations! This is so exciting! I can't wait to see pictures and learn more details about how you met him and what that was like for you. Very exciting. - Stephanie

  9. Cynthia,Brian & Madalyn- Congratulations!Logan is so precious & adorable. I can't wait to see more pics and hear more about the journey.

    May Peace & Favor continue to rest upon the Wright family.

    Michelle J. Howell