Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Need How Many $100 Bills????

Brian and I went to the bank today to order our money. I guess that there are not many people who come into a bank and request fresh crisp unmarked new $100 bills. We got some interesting looks. The Customer Service Rep at the front of the bank looked up at us with a very questionable look. He quickly said that we needed to talk to a teller. The teller was very nice but when I asked for greater than ten thousand dollars in one hunderd dollar bills, the teller thought that I wanted 10's of thousands of $1 bills. Brian said that we would need a truck to carry all of that money. I tried to explain again. This time she thought that I needed tens of thousands of $100 bills. That would be over a million dollars. So we tried again.... I need around 100 or so $100 bills that equals around $10k. All of that said, she finally understood and said that they would order the brand new money.

Wow, the things that we have to go through. Hey at least, we will have some good stories to tell.

Since we are talking about money, Brian is laughing at me because I have bought a few clothes and things for the baby. Well.....maybe more than a few but he will need them. If they will not work for him, think about all of those children over in Kaz that can use the clothes and things. Besides we have a list of things to buy and that is more than enough stimulus for me to go shopping (and it does not take much to get me ready to shop).

With all of my purchases, I have packed one bag and who knows how many more that I have to go. There is so much to do and and so much to buy and so little time......I guess I need to go shopping.


  1. It won't be long now. I know that you are sooo excited, and we are excited for you too. Have lots of fun buying and preparing for your new little one. I am sure Madyln in having a great time too. Make sure you post pictures and log your journey as you go. We can't wait to see and hear that you are back home and settling in. We are praying for you!!!

    The Wyatt Family

  2. praying for you as well... this is a great story... :-)
    I bet the clerk was VERY shocked you needed that many $100 bills... LOL!
    Keep us posted!!! Love ya..