Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it Real Yet??

Everyone is always asking "Is it real yet?". Well, today it got a whole lot more real. We received our letters of invitation to travel in March. We will leave Atlanta on Saturday, March 21st. We will arrive in Karaganda and the home of our future child on the 23rd. We are super excited. When I told Madalyn, she screamed with joy. We even had to go out to eat to celebrate.

We have been so blessed along the way thus far. God has granted us favor. Continue to pray for the next portion of our journey and for continued favor.

So, now the REAL countdown begins. We will be leaving 10 days from today. Yes, I said 10 days. Madalyn is ready to start her countdown so stay tune for

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  1. Congratulations!! So exciting! It's really happening!